Custom OLAC Development with iChain 2.2


O.L.A.C. stands for "Object-level Access Control", and is a Java application framework that runs on the iChain server that allows user-specific data to be injected into the HTTP requests from iChain to the back-end web server.

See this article for how to create a custom OLAC driver for iChain 2.2. This sample custom OLAC driver is very simple and uses a plain-text file as its "database", so it should be easy to follow.

This ZIP file includes the following:

- DL247.ppt: BrainShare 2003 presentation on custom OLAC development

- modified prop file showing new TEXT driver section

- oac-text.jar: JAR file containing compiled ParamListBuilder.class

- source code for custom OLAC TEXT driver

- textdb.txt: the "database" containing user records


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