AppLoad is a simple tool acting as an elevator to launch URLs, files, or directories either by drive letter or by UNC syntax through NAL.

(This version contains a reworked readme file and updated version information. The executable doesn't contain any new functionality compared to the formerly available version.)

The main idea behind the tool is to help you distribute URLs, which is not possible with the current version of ZENworks/NAL without specifying the executable of the user's browser. Because there may be situations where a user installed different web browsers on the computer, you can use AppLoad to launch the default browser as specified in the registry database of Windows 95 and Windows NT systems.

Besides URLs you can distribute all kinds of other files, such as PDF documents, that will be launched with the associated application on the user's computer. Or just use AppLoad to open specific directories.

The tool was written using VC and in essence makes use of the ShellExecute API call found in shell32.dll. ShellExecute scans the local registry database for applications associated to the file or URL given as an argument to appload.exe. The tool was tested on Windows 95 and Windows NT systems only.

appload news://
appload c:\autoexec.bat
appload z:\win32
appload \\myserver\sys\public

System requirements: Win95, Win98, or WinNT



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