NAL Update Utility


This utility will help network admins update the NAL components on workstations (NT/2K/XP -- should work with 95/98/ME as well) without having to re-deploy the client.

The program is dropped down to the workstation via ZENworks, and run as secure system user. It then stops both the Application Launcher & Workstation Manager services; it also unloads (Kills) Naldesk out of memory. It copies the update files to their respective locations, first renaming then deleting the current files. After which it launches Naldesk from the local workstation.

The whole process takes about 30 seconds on a PII 400, and 'is transparent to the end user' with only a few brief flashes on the screen as it launches different tasks.

See this article for more information.

This utility is provided free of charge, however if you find it useful please make a donation via a link from the Innovative SoftSystems site.



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