Sync Center 2.0


Based on the huge success of the previous version, Sync Center v2.0 offers even greater performance and rich feature set long awaited by our customers. Cross-tree operation and Unicode support are just a few of the enhancements provided, with full support for NSS volumes hosted on OES/Linux servers.

Sync Center is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows copying files, directories or even whole volumes among NetWare servers. After an easy configuration done on the client side, the NLM part is ready to reach and maintain the synchronized status automatically, by copying the newly created or modified files and deleting the removed files on the target server. Real-time statistics on the server screen shows the current activity, and detailed log files are provided for monitoring transfer status.

What's new in Sync Center v2.0?

  • Improved performance

    TSA/SMDR makes it possible to achieve unprecedented data transfer rates
    over WAN links, where pure NCP connections might not be very efficient.

  • Cross-tree operation

    Data transfer between servers belonging to different eDirectory trees
    are supported (TSA/SMDR only).

  • Cross-platform support

    In addition to the wide range of NetWare server versions, TSA/SMDR technology
    allows you to transfer files to/from NSS volumes of an OES/Linux server.

    (Note: the NLM still needs to be run on a NetWare server).

  • Cluster-friendly licensing

    Whenever a virtual server name is specified in the config file, which is
    the most common and preferred way in case of a cluster, licensing is enforced
    on the assigned physical cluster nodes instead. This change was introduced
    to apply the same principle among clustered and non-clustered volumes:
    there is no limit on the number of volumes, only the physical servers
    have to be licensed.

  • Full metadata transfer

    The remaining bits of metadata can now be transferred, like user and
    directory quotas.

  • Unicode path names

    File and directory names are transferred between TSA agents in UTF-8 format,
    eliminating any previous issues in multilingual environments.

Main features

  • Copying and synchronizing files and subdirectories among NetWare servers

  • Transfer between local DOS and NetWare partitions

  • Copying long file names

  • Copying file system attributes, IRM and owner

  • Copying file system rights

  • Grouping capabilities, copying the same content to several servers

  • Scheduling by groups and by servers

  • Priority settings

  • Filtering by subdirectories and applications

  • Notifying users about applications to be copied

  • Only modified files are transferred

  • Synchronization for any changes or copying only newer files

  • Deleting files/subdirectories on the target server that were erased from the source

  • Updating constantly open files

  • Stopping applications for the time of the copy

  • Bandwidth limitations

  • Logging

  • Easy-to-use user interface (Win32) to create the settings

  • NetWare 5.1, 6.x, OES compatible


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