AppNote Tool: Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure


In this exercise, we are going to simulate a Zero Day Start environment. A new employee is hired in the company and we are going to use this HR Application to enter his/her information. This information will then populate the eDirectory workforce directory. The new employee will then login to the corporate portal and access the corporate directory. He or She should be able to find his or her name in the directory.

You will need to download this HR Application and also the DirXML driver which we provide for you. The driver will push the information from the HR Application to eDirectory. You will then set up the NPS using the eGuide gadget to access the corporate address book.

At the end, you will login to the portal and do a search using the eGuide gadget and be able to find the new information created from the HR Application.

We are going to install the following products:

  1. eDirectory 8.7

  • DirXML

  • Novell Portal Services

See the tutorial here: "Building a Secured Corporate Web Application Infrastructure".


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