AppMind 3.5.1


AppMindTM monitors applications built on C and C code together with sample code from Novell found on

AppMind Developer Pack is a complete solution for application surveillance. AppMind is effectively used as a development tool for testing, debugging, performance tuning and managing In-house developed applications in real-time after deployment.

AppMind Application Surveillance is a complete solution for local and remote application surveillance, offering a suite of tools that enhance the quality and increase the availability of applications developed in C/C . An In-house developed application, monitored by AppMind(tm) becomes manageable through HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, BMCPatrol or locally from the bundled Developer Console. AppMind is also effectively used as a development tool for testing, debugging and performance tuning. AppMind could also provide your business with the necessary metrics to keep your Business Impact-view updated in real-time.

By calling the small AppMind API from your source, you can add log messages which can be dynamically controlled at runtime. The log file makes it easy to track program flow, and high-priority messages are forwarded to the Developer Console or a management system. Log file handling, sizes, timestamps etc. are highly configurable. It is also possible to control your application from a console using custom callbacks. A key/value configuration framework possible to use in your application is also included.

It is proven that 60% of the problems that occurs in your IT environment are related to software applications and 60% of the time is spent on managing custom-made applications. The problem often is that when an application is deployed into production it has to be managed by people who were not the original designers. The answer is designing and developing software applications so that they are readily manageable.



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