Kleptomania 2.5


Kleptomania lets you select text anywhere on the screen, including areas that you cannot highlight with your mouse, such as columns of data from a word processor or error messages from any Windows program.

Getting text from screen: Taken for Granted? With dozens of screen capturers on the market, we cannot copy part of the screen and paste it as a text, even if it is a text for our human eye. While the eye converts the text image into words on the fly, the capturer deals with a bunch of pixels from the video memory, no more. Applications support the copy-pasting for some window areas only. We all use text, much more than graphics, so it's a place on every PC for the utility that copies the uncopyable.

Kleptomania uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to let you capture text from anywhere on the screen, including database lists, forms and reports, error messages, dialog boxes, status lines, folder trees and file lists. Kleptomania keeps track of all of your Windows fonts, even small serif fonts such as Times 8 and MS Serif 8, and can interpret text from all areas of your screen. The program can recognize underlined text (including web and e-mail addresses), as well as lines of text containing mixed fonts, font sizes, styles, and colors. Kleptomania can place the captured text onto the clipboard as plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF). You can copy and paste text into any editor or word processor, sum numbers in a column of copied data, count the number of words and characters that you've highlighted, and discover the properties of the font that is on your screen: font face, size and color (GRB).

Kleptomania Features

  • capture and process on-screen text of any applications, of any registered fonts

  • copy text onto clipboard

  • launch internet browser for recognized URL

  • start email editor for recognized email addresses or addressee name

  • sum selected numbers

  • count a number of words and characters

  • discover font name, size, bold/underlined style of used font. Stop unreliable guessing about fonts on the screen

  • capture and process folder trees, file lists, database reports, text content of messages and dialog boxes, menus, status lines, precisely selected areas of internet browser views, visible text of legacy systems, and more

  • don't rely on application clipboard support or any communication standards behind the scene

  • when copying, preserve font name, size, bold/underlined style

  • put the captured text onto the clipboard in plain and Rich Text Format

  • full install and uninstall support

  • this is the first solution for capturing text by the means of OCR


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