Server User Mail Tool

These scripts were written for a NetWare/OES system and will probably only be useful on those platforms.

When we wish to alert users who will be affected by server maintenance it is good to be able to identify automatically all users who will be affected. This utility enables either mail of all users under a given OU (context) in the edirectory tree, or alternatively all users whose home directory environment server is located on a given server. Output can be either a list of email addresses displayed on screen for copy and paste into a chosen email client, or else to email the users directly from a form. The edirectory tree is queried by LDAP, and there is an option in the code to use a separate LDAP directory (which could be any platform) to look up email addresses, provided that the user CN is identical on both systems. It would probably be possible to adapt the code for an AD based system, but how useful this will be would depend on how your AD directory is structured.

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