Loading TSANDS automatically on OES 2 for Linux

The TSANDS is needed to backup eDirectory with backup engines or scripts that use Novell's Storage Management Services (SMS). The TSANDS can be loaded manually from a terminal with the command smsconfig -l TSANDS. This instructs the SMS services to load the TSANDS TSA. However, as soon as the server is rebooted the TSANDS TSA is no longer loaded. You will want a permanent method to load the TSANDS. To do that follow these instructions:

Edit the file /etc/opt/novell/sms/smdrd.conf

below the line

autoload: tsafs

insert the line

autoload: tsands.

Now the two lines should look like:

autoload: tsafs
autoload: tsands

This will automatically start the tsands every time the server is rebooted.

Dean Giles


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