Server Configuration Information Tool


Server Configuration Information program displays Volume size in Megabytes, Loader version on NetWare v4.x, serial number, ABEND.LOG on NetWare v4.11, part of IO$LOG.ERR and MSSTATUS.DMP, TIMESYNC.CFG and ATPS.CFG, and whether COMPRESSION, SUBALLOCATION, and MIGRATION are enabled on each volume. CONFIG.NLM works on all versions of NetWare.

Installation Instructions

Copy CONFIG.NLM to the SYS:SYSTEM directory of the server.

At the server console prompt type LOAD CONFIG and press return.

CONFIG.NLM Information:

- CONFIG.NLM creates a text file (CONFIG.TXT) in the SYS:SYSTEM directory. If CONFIG.TXT exists CONFIG.NLM will overwrite the file. CONFIG.TXT contains a list of all modules loaded on the server at the time of running CONFIG.NLM. Also included are the contents of all server NCF files on the default local drive and in the SYS:SYSTEM directory.

- Watch the server console screen for the message "CONFIG IS DONE" or for other messages.

- By default CONFIG will not include the SYSTEM files or the SET parameters.


- LOAD CONFIG /d to include the SYS:SYSTEM and local drive file listings.

- LOAD CONFIG /s to include the SET parameters.

- LOAD CONFIG /a to append to CONFIG.TXT.

- LOAD CONFIG /ads to get set parameters, file listing, and append to CONFIG.TXT.

- On NW SFT III servers, load CONFIG in both IOENGINES and in the MSENGINE. When loading CONFIG on SFT III it is loaded 3 times. On the 2nd and 3rd times you load CONFIG be sure to use the /a to append to CONFIG.TXT.

Important Notes:

- For continued backward compatibility with previous versions of NetWare, CONFIG.NLM now requires and will auto-load CLIBAUX.NLM under the following circumstances:

- When the server OS version is 3.12, 3.2, or 4.10. If CLIBAUX is not present, CONFIG.NLM will not load.

- For NetWare 4.11, 4.2, and NetWare 5, CONFIG.NLM will auto-load CLIBAUX.NLM if it is present, but will still load and function properly without it. When CLIBAUX.NLM loads for these versions of NetWare, it will display the following message and then unload:
CLIBAUX.NLM is a library that normally exports symbols needed to shim more support atop CLIB.NLM. None of these symbols is needed at present. CLIBAUX.NLM has been unloaded as unnecessary.
For NetWare versions 3.12, 3.2, and 4.10, CLIBAUX is a part of the latest CLIB update kit and can be downloaded at

- When running CONFIG.NLM on NetWare versions 4.10, 4.11, and 4.2, the following message will be displayed:

    CONFIG.NLM is using 3 outdated API calls.
   You should upgrade to a newer module when it becomes available.

The use of certain older API calls was necessary to maintain backwards compatibility with older versions of NetWare. This message can be ignored.



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