List TSA Utility (1780617)


When a backup application fails to find the backup services on a server, it is nice to know if the services are the problem or if the application is the problem. This utility lists the SMDRs (Storage Management Data Requesters) that can be seen from the server in question. It allows for a connection to the SMDR that may have a problem and then lists the TSAs (Target Service Agents) loaded on the server. Finally, it allows the connection to the TSA with the Authentication from the backup users id and password to determine if the backup services succeed in establishing the connection. If this utility is successful in listing the backup services and making the connection, then the cause of the problem is most likely the backup application.


Load listtsa.nlm. A list of SMDR's, as discovered by the server that the utility is loaded on is displayed. Type in the name of the SMDR you want to attach to (usually the same name as the server) and hit enter. A list of TSAs for that server will then be displayed. The name of the TSA is the SMDR.TSA name (ie. ServerName.NetWare File System). The whole string must be typed in at the prompt, then hit enter. The backup user ID will then be requested (the default is Admin), enter the backup user ID and hit enter. The password for that ID will then be requested, enter the user ID's password and hit enter. The utility will end in a success or failure at this point.

*** Some of the code for this utility was taken from the sample code for backup engine developers in the Novell NDK. The point of the utility was to exercise the same APIs that engine developers would use so that the backup problem could be narrowed down to an API or the third party developer's use of an API. The utility removes all of the complexities of the file system and cataloging data sets and focuses on the simple service discovery and connection.


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