TZUpdate For Java - VB Script


This VB script addresses DST fixes for JAVA on Windows hosts.

Admin's can run this vbscript manually, or call it via NAL, GPO, login script or any other way they like - no pop-up, no user intervention required.

Behind the scenes:

The script makes a call to the UNC path of \\PUBLIC-SHARE\ to read the file tzupdater.jar. Administrators should modify the script in notepad to reflect their own path to the tzupdater.jar file (downloadable from Sun's site).

The script takes just over 3 minutes to complete; it allows 2.5 minutes for searching C:\ for all instances of JAVA.EXE. It then builds and runs a new file at the root of C: called, TZUPJRE.CMD. TZUPJRE.CMD actually calls and runs the JAR file.

When TZUPDATER.JAR is run, the script uses the -u and -v switches; if the JAVA JRE is older than 1.4x, it can not be updated by TZUPDATER (as per Sun), an error will be recorded in the TZ.JAVA.UPDATE.LOG file and the script will continue on to the next instance.

Logs to check after the 3 minutes have passed:

c:\JAVA.PATHS.log will be created. It will show all of your JAVA.EXE paths.

c:\TZ.JAVA.UPDATE.log will be created. It will show all output from the TZUPDATER.

The script can be run multiple times, but each time it is run it will append the TZ.JAVA.UPDATE log file.


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