Configuring iFolder on Linux clusters (OES SP2)


There are around 23 steps to configure iFolder on Linux clusters. These are divided into major three steps.

  1. Removing the entry of virtual interface i.e. secondary IP address

  2. Configuring different files on the shared volume.

  3. Configuring cluster resource using iManager.

Out of these three steps, step b is automated using simple PERL script. The idea behind this is to make user configure iFolder without any errors in the configuration. Step b involves creating directory, copying files from local machine to shared directrory and configuring iFolder config files (httpd.conf and httpd_ifolder_unxi.conf) on the shared volume. If user is doing thess steps manually and if any error occurs it is difficult to trace out. Using this script we can avoid such configuration errors and even the configuration time can be reduced.

Requirements: PERL should be installed on the OES SP2 Linux. Shared volume should be mounted on local machine.

Copy this script in home directory and run this script as superuser.

In the terminal, type: perl .This will allow user to enter the input name of the shared volume. If shared cluster volume is mounted on /mnt/ifolder or /media/nss/VOL1 then give this as the path of shared volume.

Once this is done, within no time the script will create directories and copy iFolder specific files on the shared volume. After this, script will configure httpd.conf and httpd_ifolder_unix,conf file.

Not supported: In this script recreating iFolder link for /opt/novell/ifolder/DocumentRoot is commented. This has to be done on each and every node of the cluster.


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