Btrieve File Utility


BVIEW is a simple, yet powerful tool for programmers using Btrieve database management system from Pervasive (formerly Btrieve Technologies). It allows viewing, editing, inserting, deleting records and more.

Why is BVIEW different from other programs of this type?
Btrieve files do not include any record description; records are treated as byte streams. All other Btrieve tools that I found only allowed editing records in hex or character format which is, of course, very inconvenient. BVIEW uses external files, called descriptors, for storing information about record and index structure, allowing you to view records in a friendly way. The descriptor file always has the same name as the corresponding Btrieve file, with extension .DSP.

BVIEW can:

  • Open multiple files simultaneously.
  • Supports Btrieve v. 5.x, 6.x and 7.x files.
  • View data according to record structure.
  • Insert, edit and delete single records.
  • Search for records using any defined key.
  • Delete range of records.
  • Copy to and insert from clipboard single and multiple records.
  • Edit records in clipboard.
  • Clone file.
  • Create and edit descriptors.
  • Save data from Btrieve files in CSV or DBF format.

You must load Btrieve (either network or local version) before running this program. If Btrieve is not loaded, you will not be able to open Btrieve files (you can open and create descriptor files).



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