Performance Test


IO_Test.nlm performs a disk write-read test on existing NetWare (LFS/NSS) volumes to determine the maximum throughput on this particular device using different block sizes.

The server and volume can remain online while testing. The volume and information on it will not be altered nor existing data be touched and/or used for testing. No cache from NetWare is used while testing. IO_TEST is multi-threaded to provide more accuracy.

The test also can be used on remote servers without having a console. Results will be copied to the local server.

Performance Test helps to find IO bottlenecks in the system.

Example: Backup devices are not streaming

IO_test.nlm can help identifying the maximum possible throughput from and to the disk devices using different block-sizes. This helps to adapt the right settings in the backup software to gain more performance.

These can simply be compared with the actual file sizes in the filesystem and make better estimates possible

IO_Test.nlm does not use any OS caching and therefore does deliver constant results across multiple tests.

The EVAL version is limited to SYS: only, FULL (time limited) licenses can be created via our online license generation tool.


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