IFPING is a Windows based commandline utility that checks if a specified host is reachable and then returns the ERRORLEVEL value back to the CMD. If you use batch files to connect network drives with the NET USE command their is no way to test if the 'server' is connectable via the network before running the NET USE commands.

Since failing NET USE commands take a long time it would be useful to test connection before attemting to NET USE the shares.

This IFPING tool will only PING the 'server' it will not test for SMB connection.

Check the readme for known issues and disclaimer information.

Have fun IFPING-ing.

Revision History

v1.1 -> New parameters enables timeout on WU and WD

-> Silent parameter added for invisable operation

v1.01 -> Doing 10 pings per round, and only return hot when more then half is replied.

-> Add Wait for Up, and Wait for Down options.

v1.0 -> First public release


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