NW65 Memory Tuning NLM


MEMCALC.NLM performs the same tuning recommendations as the standalone memcalc.exe, but it will also make the changes for you.

Usage is:

load memcalc [/auto] [/ph=V] [/uh=W] [/nh=X] [/nf=Y] [/ds=Z]


  • AUTO : Do everything automatically, no interaction

  • ph = V : Override the detected physical memory, assume V bytes instead.

  • uh=W : Override the UAS HighWaterMark, assume W bytes instead.

  • nh=X : Override the NLM HighWaterMark, assume X bytes instead.

  • nf=Y : Override the NLM FootPrint, assume Y bytes instead.

  • ds=Z : Override the DS Footprint, assume Z bytes instead.

Overrides are used for when you want to use a value other than the real/detected values - eg, on a cluster node tune for a worst case UAS Highwater, or retune prior to increasing the NLM footprint due to increasing a DB cache or adding large NLM. Use a different memory setting so as to tune server before adding memory etc.

Because of the way it gets a couple of the values, its specifically tied to known versions of server.exe, if you get an "unsupported version" please mail the version string for it, do ?VERSION? from the console.

It modifies the following files:

  • c:\autoexec.bat

  • c:\nwserver\startup.ncf

  • sys:system\autoexec.ncf

  • sys:_netware\_ndsdb.ini

All files will be backed up to filename.MCC in the same directory as the original file.


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