PTM Editor


Release Name: PTM Editor 1.0.0

This is the first release of PTM Editor. This tool offers an editing environment for portable translation memories (.PTM). The main features in PTM Editor 1.0 are:

  • Editors

    Available for string tables, dialogs and bitmaps.

  • Files, Resources and Filter tabs

    The Files tab provides a view that mirrors the file system view. The Resources tab groups all resources across all source files and presents them according to resource type. This allows, for instance, to see the contents of all stringtables in one view. The filter tab presents the active contents depending on the current filter.

  • Filtering

    The Filter combo box allows for quick single-criteria filtering while the filter dialog allows for multi-selection. You can access it thru the Filter combo box.

  • Search

    Extensive search capabilities including support for regular expressions.

  • QA

    Extensive QA checks

  • Consistency

    Automatic search for inconsistent translations.

  • Concordance search

    PTM Editor allows to search the contents of designated external .PTMs for any given substring.

  • Context tab

    The Context tab in the Results window displays the strings immediately above and below the string that is being edited. The number of surrounding strings can be configured thru the Tools-Options-Editors dialog (defaults to 3). This functionality only applies when a filter is active; when No Filter is selected the Context tab remains empty. Use the menu View-Context to switch this tab on/off.

  • TMX Export / Import

    PTM Editor allows exporting a PTM into a TMX file (TMX version 1.4a). It also allows importing a TMX file into a blank PTM.


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