Essay Contest Winner: OES Brings Serenity to System Administration


 We recently held an essay contest inviting Micro Focus employees and customers to describe why they love using Micro Focus products. We wanted to know how our users were using Micro Focus products to make their lives—and the lives of their users—easier. Entries were sorted into solution groups and judged by the appropriate Solution Marketer.

This entry was selected as the first-place winner in the File and Networking Services solution group. The author, Bob Martens, received the first-place prize of a $350 Amazon Gift card as well as a free, Micro Focus community t-shirt.

Take a look at the winning entry below.

By: Bob Martens

Our small department is tasked with supporting many and varied groups both here on campus and across the world. Open Enterprise Server continues to form the backbone of our authentication and file services and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future because it just works, continues to work, and provides a rock solid foundation for us to build the services needed for a 21st century higher education institution.

Building the OES services on top of the strong SUSE Linux Enterprise core allows our department to utilize and capitalize on our existing Linux experience to help us maximize our work. NSS (also known as Storage Services), eDirectory, and NCP are still vital parts of what we do every day and the ability to place Filr as the user-facing front end has only increased the happiness both campus and off campus users have with our existing infrastructure. Being able to continue to capitalize on our prior investments and yet provide modern services to our users is a hallmark of where Micro Focus wants to be and where we, as a department, need to head.

All of this work needs to take place so that our users are able to continue working even when they are away from campus, and especially as they travel the globe teaching various groups and teaching remote courses. Unshackling our files and allowing access outside of our campus network has proven the resiliency of Micro Focus OES and how the addition of new products, like Filr, can only help push us into the future.


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