Getting Open Enterprise Server the Mind Share It Deserves


It’s difficult sometimes to get upper management or others in your organization to understand why Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server (OES) is so valuable and cost-effective to your business.  Sound familiar? Well—if you’re struggling to capture their attention and mind share—don’t despair.  It’s easy to arm yourself with all the latest and greatest information about Open Enterprise Server by attending an upcoming Tech Talk.

Even better, if you have doubters or OES “haters” in your organization, why not invite them along so they can see and hear for themselves why OES is a such a smart choice? Even if you consider yourself a “Windows Only” IT shop or are considering a move in that direction, you should attend and find out why you still want to implement all the file and print services that come with Open Enterprise Server.


Open Enterprise Server: Delivering Versatile File and Print Services

Date: 26 October 2016
Time: 1 p.m. EST

Open Enterprise Server provides the ultimate scalable, adaptable file and print services. It works in any environment, can be clustered up to 32 nodes, and allows access from any device, in any location. See why thousands of customers are already benefiting Open Enterprise Server.

Register or watch the on-demand webinar (in case you missed the live session)

Here are some stats you should consider-- especially when it comes to your file, networking, and print services:

According to Gartner, for every $500K in annual revenue, there’s an opportunity to cut print costs by 10% to 30%. With the worldwide enterprise print market exceeding $172 billion in 2015, the potential savings are enormous no matter the size of the organization.

According to the Technology Integration Group,  print management grows more complex. In an attempt to streamline, many organizations have moved print-related troubleshooting and maintenance to the IT department. While this seems like an obvious fit, IT organizations are overloaded with projects and print-related tasks are often put on the back-burner and addressed on an emergency basis.   Does that ring a bell? OES can make that easier by allowing your users self-service access to any printer your business owns anywhere in the world.

According to InfoWorld-- there are 5 risks to storing your data in the cloud you can't ignore.  One of those is ownership of the data.   An on-site, secure alternative that offers all the benefits of your users want from a cloud storage provider are available as an entitlement if you have OES.  But without the risks associated with the the cloud.  However, many business aren't using it. Are you one of them?

There's little doubt in my mind that Open Enterprise Server is a smart choice when it comes to saving your company money-- and your IT department all the file and print headaches that seem to plague other operating systems.  But for some reason, it's hard to get that message across and get the mind share needed to keep OES installed.  If you feel like that's you and your company-- why not get a few people registered and share with them why OES is a smart choice in today's IT environment.


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