Trustees 6.1


This program will scan the trustee rights assigned to all the user, group, and organizational objects in the tree for the selected volume, and output them to a file. The file produced is a simple text file.

The program can then be used to add these trustees back using this file. The main advantage it has over the RIGHTS command, is that it can assign trustees to files/folders with long names.


To read the trustee rights, select the Read Trustees tab, simply enter the name of the tree, and select the volume from the list. This will produce a text file with the users that have access rights to that volume.

To add the rights (for example, after a server upgrade), select the Write Trustees tab, click on the Write Trustees button, and select the file containing the rights.

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New with this version: This update allows the location of the output file to be specified.

12/1/06: The feedback I rec'd was that users were getting an error 52. This version should have that fixed.


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