Dirload Template and Data Files

For generating User LDIFs for testing LDAP Directory, these templates and data files have to be used with the ICE utility of eDirectory to generate LDIF files.

Who can benefit from this tool:

* Any test team wanting to create user LDIFs and to use for LDAP Directory testing.

* System test team where scalability of millions of objects are tested and they require huge LDIFs for testing; these template and data files create million of user object LDIFs.

* Deployment teams who do proof of concepts for million object trees and they will be requiring huge LDIFs.

* Template can be modified according to Individual requirement

* One million LDIFs can be generated in less then 3 minutes

* The sample template will create users with 16 attributes with user password under a container.


Dirload Template and data files for generating User LDIFs for test teams.

1) Install admin utilities of eDirectory 8.7.3 and above on any of the Linux/Unix platforms.

2) Extract the tar file; it will create a folder named "ldif-template" and extract all the data and template files under this directory.

3) change your current directory to $extract_location/ldif-template

4) Use the command

#ice -S load -f ./sample-template -D ldif -f ./users.ldif

4a) users.ldif is the LDIF file created and the sample-template is the template used to create the users.

5) sample-template can be customized, please refer to the eDirectory admin guide [ Novell Import Conversion Export Utility , Dirload section ] for more details.

Customizing the sample-template

1) Objectcount = No of user objects to be created, Currently it is set at one million. User can modify according to requirement.

2) [ dn: cn=$A(givenname)_$A(sn),ou=users,o=organization ] ou=users,o=organization is the dn, Please modify this value based on your requirement.

3) You can comment the lines you don't require, for example - if you want users without password, comment[ #userpassword: novell ]


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