System Manager


Target Platform: Windows 98/NT/2K/XP/2003

This tool allows you manage various system-related tasks quickly and all at one place. You need not have to open various management consoles separately and go through each of the entries manually. Also you need not have to remember each of those commands anymore. This tool provides all the system related information and also allows you to perform various system-related functions easily.

Currently it supports the following tasks:

  • Display the list of active applications.

    It displays information about open applications and their associated process information in detail.

  • Get the list of running process

    It displays list of running processes and it works on all the windows operating system starting from windows 98 to windows 2003.

  • Show the list of system services

    It displays the list of services along with their current status.

  • Retrieve the list of users on local machine.

    It displays all users with useful details.

  • Display system information

    It displays the various system details such as architecture, processor, operating system, computer name, system up time and idle time etc.

  • Show network information

    It shows the list of active network interfaces, list of open TCP ports, list of UDP ports and other network configuration information.

  • Execute system command

    This allows you to execute any normal command just as you do through console.

  • Kill the process

    Once you have got the list of running processes, you can kill the process by specifying its name.


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