NFARM for Windows support for eDirectory users - Coming Soon


For OES2018 SP2 release Novell File Access Right Management (NFARM) will support trustee management for eDirectory users. Till now the support is only AD users and from this release will support both identity stores. These are some of the highlights:

  • Trustee management [Add/modify/delete] for both eDirectory and Active Directory trustees
  • Map the volume as SMB share
  • No need to install Client for OES
  • Able to view trustees from both identity stores, as an option
  • Distinguish users with icons
  • Search capability added for all tabs
  • Quota management and ability to manage trustees for the complete directory structure in the volume
  • Salve and Purge of the files

Here are some early screenshots:

List eDirectory trustees on NFARM for Windows
  • Listing of all eDirectory trustees that are assigned for the Volume, files & folders
  • Option to Add, Remove and Modify eDirectory trustees for a Volume, file or folder


NFARM Windows – List Trustees of Both AD & eDirectory Identity stores
  • View trustees from both identity stores
  • Add is not allowed, but can modify and remove


  • Trustees are differentiated with icons

eDirectory Users


AD Users


eDirectory Group


AD Group


  • An Option to list all Trustees


Search for Trustees
  • Search any name, context or any word that matches will be listed
  • Searches both identity stores [if opted]


  • A search box to find trustees from both Identity stores


You can try out the new client in the upcoming OES2018 SP2 Beta program..stay tuned for announcement!!

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