Server Status HTML Page


TaskMaster / TaskMaster Lite sample task which generates an HTML page showing the Server Status information (with graphs), which can be viewed via most any browser.

The unique feature of this task is that it runs on NetWare v3.12 through NetWare v6.0 and the output can be directed to any directory or file on the Server, including SYS:LOGIN, based upon the network manager's intent. Therefore, it can be used on a NetWare v3/v4 network with the output written to the SYS:LOGIN directory allowing anyone with basic network access to view the Server Status (without Console Operator or Admin/SUPERVISOR rights). If tighter security is desired, the task output can be directed to a different directory requiring Server access rights (such as SYS:PUBLIC or SYS:SYSTEM, depending upon the level of control desired).

The task is basic HTML 4.0 code and exposes no security vulnerabilities, yet supports internet-like accessibility for network users with browsers. When running, the task updates the Server Status every minute.

Fully commented and documented task script, which can be modified or enhanced as desired. Fully compatible with Avanti Technology's TaskMaster or TaskMaster Lite (v3.13 or later) evaluation or live software.

Sample output can be viewed via:



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