Open Enterprise Server 11 - A note on the impending end of general support


As many of you are aware, OES 11 is finally exiting the general support phase after serving you and us well, for over 5.5 years on June 13, 2017. This was to happen in December 2016 and after a lot of feedback, we extended it by 6 months to help plan your move to OES 2015 / SP1. We have been creating awareness around this milestone for well over a year now.

End of general support also means it enters extended support phase and it gets better than in the past, as under the new Micro Focus support policy, you will still be eligible for technical support as long as you are current on the OES maintenance. Additionally, at our discretion based on the severity and impact, platform security fixes will be made available through the end of December 2017.

As has always been the case, even after the end of general support - we will continue to support your upgrades, migrations and movement to the latest version of OES, Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1.

And upgrading to the latest version of OES has never been as easy as it is today. OES11 SP2 / OES11 SP3 upgrades to OES2015 SP1 has been made so simple with the Channel Upgrade feature that you will be done with the upgrade in much less time than you might have expected.

So, rest assured and start moving your workloads to OES2015 SP1. Got questions ? Drop a note to or talk to Micro Focus Customer Care to assist with your upgrades.



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