Centralis AXE 3


Centralis AXE has been designed to simplify and accelerate the use of ZENworks for Desktops to manage application deployment.

AXE is supplied with comprehensive rules enabling faster, more accurate snappshot processing, including the elimination of unnecessary registry entries and files.

Specific rules are supplied for Citrix MetaFrame, Windows XP and Windows 2003, and administrators can also create and share their own processing rules.

The following is a brief description of the new features and enhancements in Centralis AXE 3:

AXE 3 introduce a new level of integration between ZENworks and Citrix MetaFrame.

Local Caching for Conversions
When AXE converts an AOT file to AXT format, and vice versa, the file is now cached and processed locally. This give significant performance enhancement when processing files in remote locations.

File Splitter Routing Options
The options to split a snAppShot into 'User' and 'Redundant' files during Export can now be set in the Global Default Settings and, additionally, on a per Profile basis. This is especially useful for customers who have no requirement for 'User' splitting.

AXE Rule Tools
The Rule Tools, previously available as a separate tool, are now integrated into AXE. The tools vastly extend the ability of AXE to Import and Export Rules.

Create Application Object Wizard
The Wizard has been extended with the addition of an optional stage where Custom Folders can be specified. This allows an Object to be created with the minimum requirements in place without the need for further editing of the object.

More information is available at http://www.centralis.co.uk/axe/ or click here to read the article in ZENworks Cool Solutions.

* 30-Day Evaluation
* Application publishing to eDir disabled
* File version reporting disabled
* Full XP / 2003 rules supplied with commercial license


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