Easy Steps to OES Upgrade on Citrix XenServer

By Thara_N

This article describes the Media Upgrade of OES 11 to OES 11 SP1 on Citrix XenServer.


Clone the machine which you want to upgrade (full clone)

  1. Add a new Virtual machine (OES-UPGRADE).

  • In finish page uncheck the start new VM automatically.

  • Select the newly created VM.

  • Detach the old hard disk from the original VM on which you want to update.

  • Click on Newly created VM guest(OES-UPGRADE) and click on storage tab and click Attach. Storage window will get displayed with all detached hard disks . Click on the correct hard disk detached from the original VM and attach to the newly created VM

  • Do check read only to be set to NO.

  • Go to Citrix XenServer host and type the following command to start the upgrade process.

  • Enter the following command on the command prompt.

    • vm-disk-list vm=<new created vm>eg: vm-disk-list vm=OES_UPGRADE

  • Command to list the parameters

  • xe vbd-param-list uuid=<VBD uuid>eg : xe vbd-param-list uuid=00f7d945-fe54-f00f-6177-37737446956b

  • Set the Bootable parameter to False by entering the following command

  • xe vbd-param-set uuid=<VBD uuid> bootable=falseeg : xe vbd-param-set uuid=00f7d945-fe54-f00f-6177-37737446956b bootable=false

The output of the parameter list is displayed in the below screenshot
  • Boot the newly created VM and start the up gradation process.


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Comment List
  • The given article is only for media upgrade, For an Auto-upgrade or media upgrade , we can follow the following

    The upgrade can be done without cloning the machine but we need to make change the boot order from Citrix XEN host console.
    Before starting upgrade.
    xe vm-param-set HVM-boot-policy="BIOS order" uuid=[uuid of your vm]
    -So that to get the BIOS option while booting.
    Once Upgrade has started:-
    Again we need to change the boot order to previous state , so that After first phase of installation It will boot from HDD .
    xe vm-param-set HVM-boot-policy="" uuid=[uuid of your vm]

    Note:-If the server contains more than two (/ and swap partition)
    /boot swap and / partition or more than that , In second phase during upgrade It might not found xvda device which is device name for citrix xen VMs, and may look for devices hda and sda which cause the GRUB error and boot-failure.

    I will write a separate cool solution for the same issue and will publish for the time being to proceed with the upgrades you can use the steps mentioned.