Third-Party Vendor MIBs


An error may occur during compilation due to the absence of some import mibs;Compiling those import mibs along with will solve the problem. The mibs included are syntatically correct.

About SNMP MIB Compilers

Every SNMP MIB Compiler has its own parsers which are constituted on certain guidelines and standards. This is also true of the ZENworks for Servers - Management and Monitoring Servers - SNMP MIB Compiler. The SNMP MIB Compiler has adopted strict standards and conventions of SNMP MIB-I and MIB-II specifications. This means that the ZENworks for Servers - Management and Monitoring Servers - SNMP MIB Compiler expects all the SNMP MIBs that are either proprietary to Novell or to the third party vendor to adopt the conventions specified in the SNMP MIB-I as well as MIB-II.

In case of non-adoption of the SNMP specifications and conventions in defining MIBs, the parser of the SNMP MIB Compiler would parse the MIBs displaying the error statements to the user appropriately and halt the successful compilation.

Just find the error statements which are preceded by a number like MIBCErr### at the line number ### in the MIB file, and you can look them up in the troubleshooting guide in the documentation. This will tell you the possible cause of the error as well as necessary action to be performed to overcome the problem. Follow these instructions in the MIB file where the problem exists, and recompile the MIB Pool with the rectified MIBs.

Update 2.06.06 New mib group added:

SNo Mib Group Number of Mib files Comments

1 Atm 4  

2 206/17/2005

New Mib group added containing DSR1021-TRAP-MIB_ASN.mib DSR2010-TRAP-MIB_ASN.mib



New Mib group added containing BRCD_v5_0.mib HA_v5_1.mib

4 1 06/17/2005

New Mib group added containing baspTrap.mib

5 112  

6 10 

7 1 

8 5 06/17/2005

New Mibs added into this group viz., dellserv.mib


9 2  

10 1 

11 2 

12 1 

13 Fore 57 

14 Grand 2 

15 3 

16 2 

17 16 06/17/2005
New Mib added into the group viz., intelnic.mib

18 LAN 2 

20 Lan Manager-MIBs 2 

21 Light 2 

22 2 

23 2 

24 7 

25 3 06/17/2005

New Mib group added containing epomib.mib,
NaiComplete.mib, tvdmib.mib

26 1 

27 6 

28 2 06/17/2005
Updated the Mib group with PERC.MIB

29 Standard 51 

30 32 

31 1 02/06/2006
New mib group added in the list with one mib: AVTC.mib

32 1 02/16/2006
New mib group added in the list with one mib powernet367X.mib


Abhishek Nayani

K Swaminathan


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