TCP/IP, encrypted, compressed, Win, Linux and NetWare c-worthy like client available. Many of the functions missing in RCONSOLE and RCONJ have been implemented. Just test it!

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TDPRCON is a remote console for servers of Novell NetWare version 4.x, 5.x a 6.x with a client part for Windows 95/98, NT, 2000 and XP, Linux, as well as NetWare (by starting a client program on a server, another server can be controlled remotely).

For communication between a client and a server, only the TCP/IP protocol is used, and all communication is securely encrypted, which means that it is not necessary to apply any other security measures when working in the Internet environment.

Server console screens are also very effectively compressed for transmission, which makes the work comfortable even in the case of connection using a 13,4 kbit/sec modem.

Advantages of TDPRCON

  • Look & feel and control compatible with the popular RCONSOLE working over the IPX/SPX protocol.
  • Unlike RCONSOLE, it does not burden windows OS even in case of multiple instances running, though it works exclusively with a text screen.
  • Settings of an active screen (without this feature, it is impossible to browse through logger in Netware 6).
  • Remote restart of a server even if a console is blocked.
  • Fully secure and quick work in the Internet environment thanks to encrypting and compression, see below.
  • Access to Fault Screen, where the last ABEND is displayed.
  • Access to a screen of an alternative console.
  • Profiles for the work through different proxy servers, or directly.
  • A database of administered servers on the client side; when using protection with a master password, it allows saving passwords also for login to individual servers.


For encrypting, we use the algorithm of rc4, which is used, for example, as one of encrypting algorithms within the SSL Internet protocol. Security is guaranteed by the length of a key of 1024 bits. It is also possible to protect a configuration file containing names and addresses of servers (without encrypting it, it is impossible to save passwords of individual servers).


A protocol created specifically for this purpose, optimized for the transfer of text screens, often reaches a compression ratio of 1:10 (the size of one screen of 80x25 characters, including attributes of color, flickering, underlining, etc. is 4000 bytes). Transmission is managed using intelligent algorithm of recognizing a change, which results in an ideal use of a communication line.


For communication, the TCP/IP protocol is used with the possibility to determine on which port connection would be expected from a client (4242 set as default, all IP addresses of a server are used). It is possible to use both static and dynamic translation of addresses, as well as a generic proxy server, without any problems. A client can work directly or through a proxy server, including authentication using a name and a password on a proxy server. The speed of a line is not critical - even 13,4 kbps are enough to work with acceptable speed. The response period of the transmission way between a client and a server is important(often determined as latency, or as "Round Robin") - this parameter determines the response speed of a key entering especially.

DEMO Version - Restrictions

The demo function is activated if there is no valid file tdprcon.key in the folder, from which tdprcon.nlm was launched. Upon connecting to a server, an information window is displayed for 15-seconds; after the time period expires, the system requires a user to press Enter. The connection period is restricted to 2 minutes, after which the connection procedure must be repeated. During the period of work, a yellow and red sign stating "Unregistered DEMO" is placed in the right upper corner.

Licensed Version

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