Novell Client v4.9 SP2 for Windows


The 32-bit Novell Client product brings the full power, ease of use, manageability, and security of eDirectory to Windows NT/2000/XP workstations. Novell Client for Windows NT/2000/XP fully supports NetWareRegistered and eDirectory services and utilities on a Windows NT/2000/XP workstation, including integrated messaging, multiprotocol support, management, security, and file and print services.

The Novell Modular Authentication ServiceTm (NMASTm) v2.7 and Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure for Windows are included in the Novell Client default installation. The NetIdentity Client 1.2.2 is available as an optional installation selection. Information regarding pre-configuring the Novell Client prior to installation is located in the Novell Client Installation Manager documentation.

Novell Client for Windows XP is compatible with some features of ZENworksRegistered for Desktops 3.2. ZENworks for Desktops (ZfD) versions earlier than 3.2 (including ZfD2, ZfD 3.0, or ZENworks Starter Pack) do not support Windows XP. In order to administer Windows XP Group Policies, you must update your ConsoleOneRegistered snap-ins.

For more information on ZENworks, refer to the ZENworks Web site. For ZENworks 3.2, read the ZENworks 3.2 Deployment Guide for issues regarding Novell Application Launcher and installation requirements. For ZENworks 4.x, read the ZENwork 4.0.1 Upgrade Guide.

Features and Fixes

  • Service Location Protocol version 2 (SLPv2)

  • Display of Advanced Password Policy settings

  • Support for files larger than 4 GB file on servers that are running NetWare 6 SP3 or NetWare 6.5

  • Contextless login and treeless login options

  • UNC Path Filter to optimize performance for service location and caching

  • Uninstall from Add/Remove Programs

  • Ability to remove the Novell Login screen from initial computer startup

  • Web-based installation option

  • Novell Client Update Agent

  • Support Pack installation options

  • Additional options on the Login dialog box

  • NDS Login Method for Novell Client for Windows (also known as Universal Password)

  • OpLock Level 2 support

  • Improved Novell VPN support with login

  • Same state of the Workstation Only check box on the Novell Login screen as the last login

  • Support for Novell DFS junctions for NCP-based Clients

Several bugs have been resolved since the last release. Check TID #10090516 at the Novell Support and Downloads Web site for more details.


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