I created this utility to help IT Field and Helpdesk staff. Provides GUI with 4 different screens meant to assist users in their ability to provide information on the desktop configuration to the Helpdesk/IT staff. At my employer, we use this with ZENworks as a delivered application configured to "Run Normal". If the local user doesn't have Administrative rights to the desktop, the only information that is missing is the "DefaultNDSTree" and the "Import Server" as these keys are not available to non-administrative users.

This utility also has a REPORT option that will dump the 4 screens to a text file in the user's temporary directory. This is then launched into Notepad.exe where the text can be cut/pasted, or the file can be forwarded to support staff.

A report section also includes a dump of the SET command to be able to view the user's environment configuration on the desktop. Included whole PRCVIEW.ZIP per author specification in his README.TXT. If you agree to the author's clause of use, the PV.EXE can be used from within the MyITHelper application to also dump the running processes on the desktop to the Report file.

Full WSE (Wise Installation System) scripts included. These are similar to the SMS Installer IPF files and may even be viewable under that utility. Though please note, these were not tested or even viewed w/ the SMS Installer.


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