LOADER will stay in memory and will check after a given time if an application is still running. If not, the application will be start again.

You can rename LOADER to whatever you want, to hide it from your users.LOADER is great in combination with, for example, ScanWin. This tool by Graeme Shea, checks all programs running on a Windows client. If a program is in it's list, the program will be killed. LOADER can start ScanWin for you, and if a user stops ScanWin, it will be started again by LOADER.

How to use:

LOADER has the following startline options:

T=   time in seconds for LOADER to check if application is still running.
Range is from 1 to 3600
Example: T=10
A=   application that has to be checked.
Example: A=scanwin.exe
P=   path to application (with trailing \ )
Example: P=c:\winnt\system32\
O= options to start application with
Example: O=/deny:c:\winnt\system32\deny.txt

So, it can look something like this.
loader T=10 A=scanwin.exe P=c:\winnt\system32\ O=/deny:c:\winnt\system32\deny.txt

Version Info

12-04-2004 1.1 Corrected a shutdown problem with loader when exiting Windows.
07-04-2004 1.0 Original release


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