Portlock Linux Boot CD


March 24, 2005 - Portlock Linux Boot CD updated.

  • Supports booting from USB CDs and DVDs.

  • Improved support for USB devices.

  • Improved support for Compaq Proliant servers.

  • Added SATA drive support.

  • Added QLogic Fibre Channel adapter support.

  • Preliminary support for Iomega's REV drive including booting from the REV drive (USB and SCSI models).

The Portlock Linux Boot CD is a bootable CD-ROM that contains Portlock
Storage Manager in its various configurations plus Portlock Scorpion,
Portlock Disk Test, Portlock Defrag, and Portlock Boot Wizard. The CD
can be used to boot your system and run Portlock Storage Manager for
Linux via a menu selection. It can then be used to manage storage on DOS,
Linux, NetWare and Windows systems.

You can also insert the CD into a system running a minimum Windows 98 or
newer Windows version and view Portlock product information and other
support materials and web sites. You may install the various Portlock
products onto your onto your server. Portlock Storage Manager may also be
installed onto your desktop.

This CD contains preconfigured versions of Portlock Storage Manager for
DOS, Linux and NetWare. To run the desired version, insert this CD in
your CD-ROM drive, and change directories to the desired product. For
example, to run the DOS version, go to \products\stormgr\dos and execute

The same process holds true for each of the other Portlock products. These
products however are limited to NetWare installations.

You may choose to boot your system from the CD or perform a local boot via
a startup menu when you first insert your CD and reboot your system. You
also can view a brief help file by pressing F1.


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