Mini Remoter for ConsoleOne


How to use Mini_Remoter.exe.

  1. Place the "Mini_Remoter.exe" and "settings.ini" into this folder: "..\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin\zen\RcLaunch"

  • Edit "settings.ini" to your needs.

How it works.

  1. Type in the partial name of the PC if you don"t know the full name and click the "Find It" button. If you know the full name of the PC, just type it in and click the "Remote It" button.

  • The program will first change to the context where your workstations are located. (See the "settings.ini".)

  • It will then search for the information you have supplied. It will display the first item "nlist.exe" locates. **You can also type in the full name of the workstation.

  • Once that is done it will give you a message box with the PC it found and then past the information into the "Mini Remoter" input line. Make sure you remove any spaces after the name.

  • Once you click the "Remote It" button, it will try and resolve the PC name to an IP to use with the RcConsole.exe command.


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