Postmaster Fix for NIMS 3 on Solaris


This utility reassigns the NOVONYX:Postmaster attribute on a messaging server object that has been invalidated due to deletion of the postmaster object. DO NOT use this utility on a messaging server that is functioning correctly or on any version of NIMS earlier than 2.5. Instead, use NWAdmin, WEBAdmin, or ConsoleOne to perform administrative functions on a healthy messaging server.

This utility has one option. The following is displayed if no option is entered on the command line.

- The Distinguished Name (DN) of the new postmaster.
       E.g., \Tree\Context\Objectname
       NOTE: Tree is CaSe SeNsItIvE

IMSPMFIX reassigns the attribute to the specified postmaster object as well as several other functions to tell NDS to re-validate the messaging server object. IMSPMFIX uses the DDB and MSGSRV libraries that are shipped with NIMS. To correctly run, these libraries must be loaded. To load these libraries, load MSGSRV on the console.



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