SEG.NLM: NetWare Memory Analyzer


The use of SEG.NLM on a server having memory problems can decrease the problem resolution time. The statistics are taken from the Operating System itself and printed on a screen on the server once every 5 seconds, and to a file (sys:\system\seg.csv) once every 30 minutes (by default). SEG will also output once every 4 hours to a text file about the server's memory configuration (sys:\system\segstats.txt). There is a menu built in (use the slash key '/' to access it). The other features of the NLM are found on the bottom bar of the screen and are accessible by use of a function key.

Customers that use this tool typically are troubleshooting memory leaks, memory hogs, or memory fragmentation issues on NetWare.

Version 2.00.17.


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