eDir Locator


Target Platform: Windows, Linux, NetWare

This is the Perl script which scans the machine remotely to check if eDirectory is running. If so, it determines the version of eDirectory running on that machine. It can quickly scan one machine or range of machines. Also you can run this script on any platform including Windows, Linux or NetWare.


It requires LDAP Perl module which can be obtained from http://ldap.perl.org.

How to Use

Perl eDirLocator.pl   [-u <user dn>]  [-p <passsword] { host address | host-range }

For single host using anonymous bind:
   Perl  eDirLocator.pl

For single host using authenticated bind:
   Perl  eDirLocator.pl -u "cn=admin,o=novell" -p "novell"

For range of hosts :
   Perl eDirLocator.pl


Version 1.1   13th Dec 2006

 Added support for authenticated bind. Now user can authenticate directory with user name and password in case anonymous bind is disabled.

  Fixed the bug in parsing host name argument. Now user can specify hostname instead of IP address.

Version 1.0   22nd Nov 2006

  First release of the tool.


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