Novell Remote Manager Command-Line Interface


Java (>=1.6) Command-line utility that can send and receive HTTP commands to Novell Remote Manager (NoRM).

It works on the principle that the URLs in NoRM are consistent. i.e. The SM BIOS information you need is always found at https://servername:8009/SMBIOS/0 and https://servername:8009/SMBIOS/1 (you can see what the URL is but rolling the mouse over the relevant link). Once we know that we can fire off the same request to multiple servers with a single login.

Extract cliNoRM-<version>.zip to local drive, then

In its simplest form, the utility is used as follows:

java -jar <path>/cliNoRM-<version>.jar -get -in <path>/get.xml -out <path>/outputdir

The "get.xml" used for the input in the above example can generated using the -t option and then modified for your environment

For more help do the following:

java -jar <path>/cliNoRM-0.0.1.jar --help

Notice that you can do things like store credentials in the .xml file with -sc. They are encrypted but it's not massively secure encryption so beware. It does mean you can write hands-off scripts, though.

Another handy switch is -tp for thread pool - this is how many servers you can process concurrently, so -tp 10 will do ten servers at a time.

NOTE: HTTP Post commands are not implemented in this initial release!


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