I work for a school board as a LAN Administrator. We often ghost our workstations and this causes a problem with duplicate workstation names.

To be able to import our workstations into our NDS and identify them as unique workstations objects we must rename all the computers.

1. My program renames the computer by detecting the address of the computer's network card and comparing it with the entries in the "nic.txt" file.

2. The "nic.txt" file is formatted in this manner:(NIC_Address,Computer_Name).

3. If the entry exists in the file "nic.txt", the computer will then be renamed with the name that precedes the NIC_Address.

4. If the "NIC_Address" is not found in the "nic.txt" file, you will be prompted to assign a name to that computer and this name will be used the next time the program "RENCN.EXE" is executed. The information is then saved into the "nic.txt" file.

Note: The "nic.txt" file should be in the same folder as the executable

Our team uses time utility to rename computers that have been ghosted by Symantec Ghost.


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