NetWare Control Center 3.1.2


NetWare Control Center is an advanced Logfile Analyzer for Novell NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and Open Enterprise Servers.
With NetWare Control Center you can easily check out the health and security of your servers. It offers an advanced
logfile management (analysing, archiving) with powerful search- and filter- options.

The Realtime Event Monitor shows a status overview with the latest SYS$LOG.ERR event of all monitored servers. It
offers the ability to monitor individual NetWare Events. Using Event Filter Rules you can rate individual NetWare Events
with different realtime states: ONLINE, WARNING and FAILURE. Each Event Filter Rule assigned to a specific NetWare
Event can be associated with different alert and log options.

The NDS-/eDirectory Health Check feature will offer a simple and fast solution to check the directory services health.
It is completely based on TID10060600 and includes all 7 health check steps as recommended by Novell. Just select the
server and choose the NDS-/eDirectory Health Check menu entry to start the selected health check steps on the server.
The results of the health check will be presented in a detailed and easy to read HTML-Report.

NetWare Control Center

  • multiple tree support

  • NetWare 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and Open Enterprise Server support

  • authorization capability with own login dialog

  • support for multiple server languages

  • start context support for browsing the network

  • remote maintenance (supporting IP and IPX)

  • web favourites (quick hyperlinks to important Novell Websites)

  • TID-Finder (quick access to Novell Technical Information Documents)

  • Error Code Translator (converts NetWare Error Codes into Error Descriptions)

  • Internet Update Check

Logfile Analyzer

  • logfile management (analysing, archiving)

  • simple logfile analysis through a graphical visualisation

  • powerful search- and filter-options

  • deep in event information (error type, error #, source, category, error message)

  • ability to filter critical or fatal entries to check the health of your servers

  • intruder lock-out detection

  • search for spezific events for diagnostic purposes

  • fast detection of exceeded record lock thresholds

  • ability to salvage, view and analyse previous CONSOLE.LOG files

  • CRONLOG diagnostic (find-, filter- and goto enabled)

  • SYS$LOG.ERR analysis

  • ABEND.LOG analyzer

Realtime Event Monitor

  • realtime event monitoring, alerting and reporting

  • free choice of the servers you need to monitor

  • event filter rules for filtering NetWare Events

  • alerting via e-mail, sound file, local or remote popup

  • logging to the Windows Event Log with customizable options

Logging NetWare Events to the Windows Event Log

This feature is a long missing gateway to many third-party solutions which
now offers a single point monitoring for Windows-, Unix/Linux- and Novell
Servers. Logging NetWare Events to the Windows Event Log is customizable
with following options...

  • define which NetWare Events will be logged

  • select the type of entry for each NetWare Event (Informational, Warning, Failure)

  • select the category of entry for each NetWare Event

  • select the Event ID for each NetWare Event (1-9999)

These options allow a flexible adjustment to existing monitoring solutions.

What's new in release 3.1.2

  • NEW: Forwarding NetWare Events to a SYSLOG(-NG) Server

    This feature is a gateway to any UNIX- or Linux SYSLOG-(NG) Server which will allow to integrate NetWare Servers
    in a centralized syslogging system. Forwarding NetWare Events to a SYSLOG(-NG) Server is customizable with
    following options...

    • define what NetWare Events shall be forwarded

  • select the Facility and Level (Priority) for each NetWare Event

  • include the process name in the syslog message (RFC compliant header)

  • choose the Syslog Protocol (UDP or TCP)

These options support any SYSLOG- or SYSLOG-NG Servers.
  • NDS-/eDirectory Health Check adapted for NDS 7.x Servers

  • improved bug reporting

  • html help update

New Features and Improvements in Release 3.x

  • NDS-/eDirectory Health Check (featuring all health check steps as recommend by Novell)

  • Directory Services Health Documentation (HTML Reports)

  • NetWare Event Forwarding to a SYSLOG(-NG) Server (Realtime Event Monitor)

  • command line parameter support to start the realtime event monitoring at application startup (-rtm)

  • start context support without Organizational Unit (OU) specification

  • SLP related Network Troubleshooting tips and ticks form (help menu)

  • NetWare Control Center background image adjusted for high resolutions

  • enhanced look-and-feel of the NetWare Control Center GUI

  • web support internet links organized into sections

  • improved error handling

  • tip of the day

The Small Business Edition of NetWare Control Center is limited to 2 servers, but is fully-functional (no expiration, no other limitations, no nags). You can download and register your copy for free, just check it out!


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