TSATEST.NLM tool to test SMS performance


If you are suffering from reliability problems with backup and are concerned that the SMS components are the cause then TSATEST can be used to quickly eliminate the SMS components. Simply use TSATEST with parameters that mimic the failing job and, if it works without failure then SMS is unlikely to be the cause.

This type of test is most useful for cases such as servers abending during backup but is only useful in eliminating the SMS components, the abend could be related to the tape I/O, for example. To eliminate the tape I/O path SBCON can be used instead.

In particular, TSATEST.NLM executes backup jobs and performs statistical analysis of the behaviour of the backup APIs being used. As a consequence, it represents a useful tool for demonstrating what the SMS components are capable of delivering for many backup problems.


See the included README.HTM file for details of how to install and use this test utility.

This utility has been tested on NetWare 5.x and 6.x. It has not been tested on NetWare 4.x, but is expected to work on that platform as well.


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