By Bryan Keadle

As you automate administrative tasks, it's often handy to send an email notification of the process being completed...or when it fails. SMTPCMD gives you a command-line ability to send email notification to one or more users, including specified attachments. Unique about this command is that you don't need to configure any mail services or clients on the workstation. SMTPCMD will attempt to send directly to the MX record of the workstation's domain name, or alternatively, to a specific email server.

SYNTAX: SMTPCMD (FROM="From_Name") (To1,to2,...) (Subject) (Message) (Attachments) (SMTP Server) (QUIET)

FROM= : (OPTIONAL) Specify the FROM address of the mail message. If not specified then from will show: bkeadle on BKEADLE-IS123

PARAM1 : To address(es), comma separated. "?" to be prompted. Multiple users at same domain can be specified as: user1 user2

If "@" is not specified, the domain name
of the sending computer is appended

PARAM2 : Subject line

PARAM3 : Message text. You can include a full path to a filename that contains the contents of the message

PARAM4 : (OPTIONAL) Attachment file(s)

PARAM5 : (OPTIONAL) Specify and SMTP server. SMTP servers are automatically found by an MX lookup for the recipients domain name

QUIET : (OPTIONAL) Do not display any message boxes

If no parameters are specified, you'll be prompted for them


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