LDAP Group Consistency Checker


Checks if all four relations in a Group Membership are there:

  • Group is in Membership of User Object
  • Group is in Security Equal to User Object
  • User is in Members of Group Object
  • User is in Security Equal to Me or Group Object

You can enter the search bases for the users and for the groups. The results are displayed in a window, and can optionally be saved to file.

An LDIF repair file can also be generated. Be careful before importing the file!! Some inconsistencies may be there for a reason! Always verify the LDIF file very carefully!

You can specify only one object in the filter (custom Search Class), but only memberships for groups and users are checked.

If you choose "Exhaustive Check," all values of the four above mentioned attributes are checked to see if they are really users or groups. This evidently takes even more time to run the check.


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