Domnic Mendes, who had a positive experience with this tool, thought K3b would be a good addition to Cool Tools.

  • Creating data CDs:

  • Add files and folders to your data CD project via drag'n'drop

  • Remove files from your project, move files within your project

  • Create empty direcories within your project

  • Write data CDs on-the-fly directly without an image file or with image file. It's also possible to just create the image file and write it to CD later

  • Rockridge and Joliet support

  • Rename files in your project

  • Let K3b rename all the mp3/ogg files you add to your project to a common format like "artist - title.mp3"

  • For advanced users: support for nearly all the mkisofs options

  • Verifying the burned data

  • Support for multible El-Torito boot images

  • Multisession support

  • Creating audio CDs:

    • Pluggable audio decoding. Plugins for WAV, MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis are included

    • CD-TEXT support. Will automagically be filled in from tags in audio files

    • Write audio CDs on-the-fly without decoding audio files to wav before

    • Normalize volume levels before writing

    • Cut audio tracks at the beginning and the end

    • Creating Video CDs:

    • VCD 1.1, 2.0, SVCD

    • CD-i support (Version 4)

    • Creating mixed-mode CDs:

    • CD-Extra (CD-Plus, Enhanced Audio CD) support

    • All data and audio project features

    • Creating eMovix CDs

    • CD Copy:

    • Copy single and multi session data CDs

    • Copy Audio CDs

    • Copy Enhanced Audio CDs (CD-Extra)

    • Copy CD-Text

    • Add CD-Text from cddb

    • CD Cloning mode for perfect single session CD copies

    • DVD burning:

    • Support for DVD-R(W) and DVD R(W)

    • Creating data DVD projects

    • Creating eMovix DVDs

    • Formatting DVD-RWs and DVD RWs

    • CD Ripping:

    • CDDB support via http, cddbp and local cddb directory

    • Sophisticated pattern system to automatically organize the ripped tracks in directories and name them according to album, title, artist, and track number

    • CD-TEXT reading. May be used instead of CDDB info

    • K3b stores CDDB info of the ripped tracks which will automatically be used as CD-TEXT when adding the ripped files to an audio project

    • Plugin system to allow encoding to virtually every audio format. Plugins to encode to Ogg Vorbis, Mp3, FLAC, and all formats supported by SoX included

    • DVD Ripping and DivX/XviD encoding

    • Save/load projects

    • Blanking of CDR-Ws

    • Retrieving Table of contents and cdr information

    • Writing existing iso images to CD or DVD with optional verification of the written data

    • Writing cue/bin files created for CDRWIN

    • DVD copy (no video transcoding yet)

    • Enhanced CD device handling:

    • Detection of max. writing and reading speed

    • Detection of Burnfree and Justlink support

    • Good media detection and optional automatic CD-RW and DVD-RW blanking

    • KParts-Plugin ready


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