NW Get File Time Info


This tool returns the stored times for all metadata. (ie. creation, modified, archived, accessed and metadata modified time).

It uses the Virtual File Services (Originally called Virtual File Services for NetWare) which were ported over to Linux. The SDK for this API set can be downloaded from http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/Virtual_File_Services_for_NetWare. The objective of the tool is to add a trustee to a file using XML as specified in the VFS for NetWare specification. It is intended to be used as a sample script for developers that may want to use the VFS API set to view and manage storage.

How to Use the file:

NWGetFileTimeInfo.pl is a Perl script. So Perl must be installed and running on the NetWare server that this file is being loaded on. NSS must be installed to get the VFS support.

To run the perl script type:

perl NWGetFileTimeInfo.pl VOLUME_NAME:PATH_NAME/FILE_NAME.EXT <enter>  

Where VOLUME_NAME is the name of the NSS volume where the file resides, and PATH_NAME is the path to the file, and FILE_NAME.EXT is the name of the file with its extension.


perl  NWGetFileTimeInfo.pl VOL1:home/file.txt <enter>

Sample output:

SERVER: perl NWGetFileTimeInfo.pl NSS1:home/file.txt
file is now open <_ADMIN:/Manage_NSS/Volume/NSS1/File.xml
Request Sent: <virtualIO><datastream name="command"/></virtualIO>
<fileReply> <fileInfo> <getFileInfo>

<result value="0"><description>success</description></result>
</getFileInfo> </fileInfo> <result value="0"><description>zOK</description></result> </fileReply>


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