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I created a process to import the server Config.txt file data using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access 2000. Originally, I created this program to just inventory the NLMs on my servers. This version incorporates almost all the data in the Config.txt file.

I haven't created any reports on the additional data yet. (All recommendations greatly appreciated).

Currently, the generated report list the NLMs loaded on each of the servers. The report has a column for each server that lists the NLM name and version that's loaded on the corresponding server. The report highlights those NLMs that are out of sync with the highest version loaded on any server.

Version History

Changes for 9/25/2007 Version 4.0: Due to the limitations of the Report process, I added the ability to open the underlying queries for the "Server NLM Files" and the "Server Installed Products" reports. You will then be able to export/copy the results to Excel.

Changes for 8/26/2007 Version 3.9: Added the import of Server Cluster Information.

For those with version 3.8, the update requires the addition of a new "Macro" (called "Sub Step13.doc") to MS Word. Copy the macro into word using the step 3 instructions in the "NLM and Config File Database.doc" document. You also need to add this statement to the "Sub Stepa_CreateServerTextFiles()" macro. Place it at the bottom of the section.

Call Step13_ClusterData         'Creates the ServerClusterData.TXT file

In addition, there are four new tables in the "Back-End". The are called "Temp - ServerClusterData", "Server Cluster Information", "Server Cluster Nodes", and "Server Cluster Resources". You can either completely replace the "Back-End" or import the new tables from the "New" version into the "Back-End". (Don't do this in the "Front-End" database!!) While in the "Back-End", you must open the "Tools-Relationship" screen and add the three tables ("Server Cluster Information", "Server Cluster Nodes", and "Server Cluster Resources") and create a join between them and the "Server Information" table (as shown).

Finally, just replace the "Front-End" database and re-import the data for the server's as needed.

Changes for 7/19/2007 Version 3.8: Corrected some coding error in the import process. Corrected the import of Partition data so it now reflects all partition types on all servers with a replica (whether a Master, Read/Write, or Subordinate).

General call for users to submit requests for changes or to submit any reports they created for inclusion in the next version.

Changes for 7/12/2007 Version 3.7: Added the ability to importation of the Config.Txt or just Loaded NLM data for a single server or all listed server. Also added a new report that show Server Volume size, free space and percent of free space.

Changes for 6/22/2007 Version 3.6: Added the import of "Server Storage Details" from the "Config.txt" file and added the "Server Storage Details" sub form to the "Server Information" form. This required changes in the Word Macros and the server Modules.

As a result you must 1) replace both the Front-End and the Back-End Access database files, 2) Replace all the Word Macro code (tightened up the code as well as added more), and 3) change your Word Visual Basic reference settings using the "NLM and Config File Database.doc" document instructions. The second and third items are described in step 3 of these instructions. Finally, I added the ability to compact the Front-End and the Back-End Access database files from a command button on the MainMenu.

Changes for 6/8/2007 Version 3.5: Fixed remarked out code that disabled the "Import NLM Updates Only" command button. Also added the import of "Server Processor Information" from the "Config.txt" file and added the "Processor Information" sub form to the "Server Information" form. NOTE: If you haven't authenticated to the server's tree your import will fail.

Changes for 5/28/2007 Version 3.4: Changed the code for creating the "ServerModules.TXT" file. One user had servers with English language loaded but was running Spanish on the local PC importing the data. As a result, the import of this text file would fail. The new code converts the English "Long-Text" date to numeric (e.g, from "Jan 03, 2007" to "1/03/2007"). This removes any problems with language differences. To fully implement this change, you will have to replace your "Word" macro code with the code found in the "Word Macros for Config.mdb.doc" document.

Changes for 5/28/2007 Version 3.3: Corrected some bad coding on my part for the Server BIOS data import process. Sorry for any inconvenience cause to users.

Changes for 5/23/2007 Version 3.3: Added the importation of Server BIOS data. Trimmed down some of the "Word" macros used to separate the Config.TXT file data.

Changes for 8/17/2006 Version 3.2: Corrected "Code" in the "NLMUpdate"
function and the "ImportStep6i" function. The "NLMUpdate" function
didn't work correctly if all NLM data had been deleted from the "Server
Loaded NLMs" and the "Current NLMs". A use may do this to obtain a
"clean" install of NLM data. The "ImportStep6i" function code was
changed to allow for import of a partition with only a "Tree"

Changes for 8/7/2006 Version 3.1: Added the ability to only import a servers NLM changes. This process imports just the NLM files for the selected server based on the latest Config.TXT you generated. This give you the ability to quickly update the NLM file data to ensure all servers display the latest NLM data.

Changes for 3/20/2006 Version 3.0: Major Change. Added fields to "List of Servers" table that enable the user to: (a) Enter the servers Tree Name and (b) List an alternate location for the Config.TXT files. These changes were requested by a user who supported multiple organizations that used the same server name. As a result, the previous version would overwrite server data from a different tree. These changes enable the import of servers with the same name. Added the "Tree Name" to the "Server Information" table and made the "Tree Name" and "Server Name" the Primary Key fields. Tied the "List of Servers" table to the "Server Information" table in the relationship with enforced deletion if the server is deleted from the "List of Servers" table.

Changes for 2/22/2006 Version 2.8: Added field to back-end table that was missed on last version. Re-wrote code that imports server Partition data.

Changes for 1/31/2006 Version 2.7: Added code to the database that posts the servers Partition data. Added a new report that shows the Partition Data. Also added a new report called "Server Information" that shows the basic Server details and the installed "Products"

Changes for 10/26/2005 Version 2.6: Added code to the database and the
Word Macro that passes the database location directly from the database.
So once you set the Database's location on your main form, all macros
that are location specific are properly coded.

Changes for 10/20/2005 Version 2.5: A user identified an error in the
import process of the NLMs. This has been fixed. I also added the
import of the Partition information. This data is imported when you
import the Config.TXT from the Master Partition server. This assumes
that the same server has the Master of all partitions. I will work on
the process to allow for different servers having the Master of a given

Changes for 09/06/2005 Version 2.4: I added a new field called "Boot Loader" to the "Server Information" table to accommodate a new field added by NW 6.5 SP4.

Changes for 07/11/2005 Version 2.3: I've edited the Word Macro to use an array or standard TextReplacement macro process. This resulted in less "Coding" in each module. This change will require the user to replace current Macros in MS Word with the code located in the "Word Macros for Config.mdb.doc" document. This file is contained in the Zip file.

Changes for 05/03/2005 Version 2.3: I've edited the Word Macro to use Tab delimitation for the Modules Text file and incorporated this into the import process. This was necessitate due to the change in the Config file for NW 6.5 SP3. Also added a few more features to the front-end database. All recommendations for improvement or change are appreciated.

Note posted 9/19/2005 from Chris Premo: If you are having problems importing a given Config.txt file, please let me know. I can try importing the file and fix the database for all users. Also, I've converted to NW 6.5 SP3 and SP4 server so my access to NW 6.0 or NW 5.5 servers is nil. All assistance in making this tool useful to all is appreciated.



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