Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 Update 2


We are announcing the availability of Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 Update 2 starting Monday, the 24th of January, 2022.

If you haven’t already, please review and apply the Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 Update 1 shipped November last year.


Highlights of the Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 Update 2

Key highlights of this update include:

  • Fix for CIFS share access issue from MAC clients
  • Fix for Xtier crash issue in Kanaka environment
  • eDirectory version updated to 9.2.5
  • iManager version updated to 3.2.5
  • Cloud Integrated Storage (or CIS) enhancements
    • Docker subnet change utility – This utility lets you change the default subnet for cisnet
    • Two-pass migration – This parameter allows to perform DST to CIS migration in two phases for improved performance in high intensity use cases

The Patch Summary includes an exhaustive list of defects addressed in this update.

We also shipped the SLES 12 SP5 updates (synced up to the 18th of January, 2022) for improved security and stability of OES 2018 SP3/SP2 servers.

 How to get started?

The Update 2 is available over the channel. Refer the Updating (Patching) an OES 2018 SP3 Server documentation for various update options. The modified packages from the update are available over SLD for your reference:


What's Next?

The monthly OS update will be shipped in February including security and stability fixes for SLES 12 SP5 on OES 2018 SP3/SP2 servers.

Please share your observations by leaving a comment below.



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