OES 2 sp7 IR2 has been officially released thru SLD and Micro Focus Market place.


OES 2 sp7 IR2 has been officially released thru SLD and Micro Focus Market place.

Following are some of the defect fixes that are part of this release:

  1. Credential provider tiles may become hung if input is allowed to time out (OCTCR52A721012)
  2. OES-specific property pages may not appear for some paths (OCTIM52A626143)
  3. Possible hang when Windows network provider order is being changed (OCTCR52A632017)
  4. LDAP Contextless Login now considers preferred server when causing an initial NCP connection (OCTIM52A616177)
  5. Windows 7 platforms may show Exception Processing Message 0xC0000135 from WINLOGON.EXE (OCTIM52A707036)
  6. Possible kernel-mode crash when handling file system change notification request (OCTCR52A630106)
  7. Mapped drives may not disappear from File Explorer views when disconnecting NCP connection (OCTCR52A627092)
  8. Updated branding and icons to reflect Open Text company name.  Note the installation set self-extract package now extracts to "C:\Open Text" by default.


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Comment List
  • the reason of crash is using CustomStrings=Yes in my install.ini
    i only changed string-id 104

    with this it crashed nwtray.exe and winlogon.exe during logon , and therefor the initial loginsscript would not processed

    this is reproducable with Win10 & Win11 vm and physical machines

  • Thanks for the new release.

    unfortunatly I run into some problems with unattend.txt and my customizations of install.ini, which I used since years.
    (adapted bitmaps and some texts)
    the primary login doesn't map my network drives and in "Reliability Monitor" i can see this crash of apps

    (We are using german as default language)
    Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Program Files\Novell\Client\nwtray.exe
    Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\NCLANGPARSER.dll

    if I do login later with loginw32 it maps all drives.

    If upgrade with non customized setup with the original download file all went smooth.

    Any suggestion where to look further?