Knowledge Document: Error -602 when running ndsrepair -T to report time synchronization



eDirectory 8.8.X
eDirectory 9.X
Open Enterprise Server
Server without any replicas of partitions in the tree


When running ndsrepair -T to report on the time synchronization of servers in the tree, a server without any replicas might report -602 errors.

A -602 error indicates there is a missing attribute.

When ndsrepair -T is run, it will look for attribute: Status on the NCP server object.  If that attribute is not found, the error -602 will result.

Running ndsrepair -N, choosing any server and then choosing option 1 - Repair All Network Addresses, will add the Status attribute, then ndsrepair -T will no longer report the -602.

After upgrading from OES 2018SP3 to OES 2023, there has been a greater incidence of Report Time Synchronization returning the -602 error, running ndsrepair -N, fixing the issue for approx 30-60 minutes when the -602 errors return. 

iMonitor view of the NCP server objects in the tree from a server without replica (objects are external reference NCP server objects) - with the -602 error in ndsrepair -T (report time synchronization)


iMonitor view of the NCP server objects in the tree from a server without replicas (objects are external reference NCP server objects)


Changes made in the latest patches of OES 2023 have resolved this issue.  The problem can no longer be duplicated and customers who had previously reported this issue are indicating it is no longer seen.

Patch to OES 24.11 to resolve -602 errors on servers with no replica


The -602 error when running ndsrepair -T on an a server with no replicas is a cosmetic issue.  The error in Report Time Synchronization doesn't indicate a health issue with the tree.

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